Tug Noelani towing scows from Long Beach to SF Bay for Dutra Dredging.

Tug Silia Working with Dutra Dredging to deepen Clipper Marina, Barges towed to Alcatraz disposal.

Working with Dutra Dredging 2015

Tug Silia Contracted to assist USCG Aspen from their berth in Yerba Buena Island to Bay Ship and Yacht Alameda.

Tug Silia pushing Manson barges Hagar and 62 from Richmond to Antioch for pipeline removal.

Tug Silia handling Anchorst for Manson Construction Derrick Barge Hagar

Barge CP-41 2,500 ton barge relocated to SF Bay from Long Beach.

Tug Noelani and Barges USN-1523 and WEEKS Marine 570

While working for  Sause Marine Service  we outfitted the barge SBB-V in Seattle, WA then Towed Barge to Cordova, AK and  Layed fiber optic cable to Valedz, AK.  Upon completion returned equipment to Seattle. Job was a success and a pleasure to work with professionals like the Sause Marine Team.

Greger Pacific & Healy Tibbitts Builders working together in Kaneohe Bay HI.

Crane and rigging service and assist to sea for  Sause Bros Ocean Towing Co. Tug Natoma Towing USNS Petersburg from Alameda , CA to Portland , OR

New Navy Oil barge Towed from San Diego to Pearl Harbor for Marine Group Shipyard and United States Navy.

Tug Silia working with Dutra dredging after Tsunami destroyed the Crescent City harbor.

Tug Noelani Towing 3 Navy tugs from Kalaeloa Harbor, HI to Balboa, Panama a contract  that extended nearly 10,000 Nautical Miles upon completion. 2009